Get Yo'self a Cup of Tea - And Then Throw It In The IRS' Face

Posted: Apr 03, 2009 5:17 PM

It involves no fine china. No tasteless cucumber sandwiches. But you will get a sense of gratification, and maybe you’ll get some out anger by yelling a little bit, and who knows – maybe you’ll actually accomplish something.

I’m talking about the April 15 Tax Day Tea Parties. If you’re not already attending one, you should be, and if you’re not near one, you should organize one. They’re easier than pie, and if we get enough  going on - well, maybe someone will get the message that wanton tax increases are the bane of the earth like we know them to be. Tax Day Tea Parties involve groups of people gathering across the country for some old-fashioned rabble-rousing to protest increased taxes. They promise to be much bigger than the tea parties held after cult hero Rick Santelli bashed Obama’s policies on the trading floor in Chicago.  And they promise to be better, because there's been more time to organize them. Check out the New American Tea Party or DC Tax Day Tea Party for the DC-based event, and Tax Day Tea Party for national happenings. Our friends over at FreedomWorks also have some helpful hints for how to get started.