Melania Trump to Mika: Do I Know You?

Posted: Jul 01, 2017 10:00 AM

After Mika Brzezinski's "Morning Joe" appearance Friday, she spoke with InStyle magazine about President Trump and her belief that his tweets suggest that he's mentally unstable.

Brzezkinski was asked about Melania Trump and her battle against cyberbullying and replied:

I know Melania. I haven’t talked to her in months, but if my gut is right, I don’t think she’s going to put up with it much longer. I know nothing. That’s just my instinct and I go with my gut and my gut’s always right. I’m just telling you, Melania’s got the worst job in the country and I don’t think she wants do it a lot longer. I think she will do it for as long as she has to for her son, and that’s it.

There are a lot of assertions in that paragraph. The comments are the equivalent of a "bless her heart" dismissal of the First Lady and her defenses of her husband. Mika prefaces it by saying she hasn't talked to her in months and knows nothing, notes that Melania has a very difficult job, then drops the juicy part. Because of Mika's supposed personal knowledge of the First Lady and her infallible gut, we're supposed to give this "she's only staying for the kids" rumor a lot of weight.

She's gossiping, plain and simple. It's similar to when people start a conversation by saying, "I'm really concerned about so-and-so," then repeat some scandalous, juicy bit. But it's in the guise of helping them, so it's okay, right? In the same vein, Mika's attempting to dismiss Melania because she's just going along to get along.

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When asked about the remarks by the Daily Mail, Melania's office issued a statement from the First Lady:

'It is sad when people try to further their own agenda by commenting on me and my family, especially when they don't know me."