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Interview With Teen Vogue Writer Gets Heated

Add another to the growing list of interesting interviews by Tucker Carlson. Writer for Teen Vogue Lauren Duca dispelled some colorful views regarding Ivanka Trump’s harassment on a JetBlue flight.


The interview included perhaps the most misogynistic quote of the year: “We need to investigate those things a little more critically, a little more rigorously, and not be blinded by the fact the looks like she smells like vanilla,” the Teen Vogue writer said, referring to Ivanka.

It began when Carlson pressed Duca on a tweet she posted following the news Ivanka Trump and her kids were harassed by a fellow airplane passenger.

While beginning to say that it was wrong for her to be harassed in such a way, Duca essentially defended the situation by saying Ivanka needs to be held accountable for supporting Trump’s candidacy. Tucker didn’t let her off the hook on such an outlandish claim and the interview continued to devolve, and even got personal.


Duca called Tucker “unprofessional” and a “political hack” at one point. She also became very livid when Tucker pointed out she once posted “Eat s**t Donald Trump” in a tweet.

Duca’s basic argument throughout the whole exchange was that Ivanka should be held responsible for Trump’s views because she supports his campaign and that she should not be viewed as a feminist leader because of this.

After the interview, the Teen Vogue writer expressed her grievances via twitter.

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