Cabinet Watch: New York Jets Owner Under Consideration to be UK Ambassador

Posted: Dec 05, 2016 2:45 PM

Woody Johnson, owner of the NFL’s New York Jets, is reportedly in the running be the next U.K. ambassador in Donald Trump’s administration.

Johnson is a longtime GOP donor and was a former campaign finance chairman to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. After the former Florida governor dropped out, Woody got behind Trump’s campaign for the sake of party unity. Johnson then co-chaired a joint Trump campaign – GOP finance committee and has been a part of the president-elect’s inauguration team.

Considered a coveted position in any presidential cabinet, the ambassadorship to the United Kingdom is highly sought after. If Johnson is able to obtain the position, it would come at an interesting time for the NFL. The National Football League is currently trying to spread its franchise into England. A London-based NFL team is even under consideration.