Jeb Bush to Become Guest Lecturer at Harvard

Posted: Sep 27, 2016 3:00 PM
Jeb Bush to Become Guest Lecturer at Harvard

Jeb Bush has been finding more work since his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination. The former GOP contender will be serving as a guest lecturer at Harvard University for this semester.

Bush, being the founder of an education policy think-tank, will be putting his deep knowledge of the subject to use as he gives guest lectures to Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Program on Education Policy and Governance. His speaking role at the prestigious Cambridge, Massachusetts school will not be heavy – he’s currently expected to deliver just a few lectures for the fall semester.

Bush will be giving a lecture as early as this Thursday. He’s set to speak on ‘the lack of economic and social mobility in the United States and his ideas for addressing those challenges’ at Harvard’s annual Edwin L. Godkin Lecture.

Since suspending his campaign after losing the South Carolina primary, the former governor of Florida has kept a relatively low profile, but has made firm his opposition to Trump’s candidacy.