Obama Rallies the Troops

Posted: Mar 19, 2010 4:30 PM
Obama’s latest pep rally took place at George Mason University’s Patriot Center, in Fairfax, Va. I was in attendance. Strangely, despite my proximity to the president, I was not overtaken by even the slightest fainting sensation.

The event kicked off with an enlightening prayer – I didn’t realize that there is no security “without payments for chemotherapy.” I guess security never existed before the mid-20th century when this treatment was developed. (Exactly how soon after modern science invents something does it become a basic human right?)

The president spouted his usual rhetoric, but what particularly struck me this time was that his style is creepily similar to, well, an insurance salesman. This was my favorite line: “Not only can we afford to do this, we can’t afford NOT to do it.” Classic.

If you were watching the event online or on TV, you may not have been able to hear Obama’s vocal opponents. From the beginning of his speech, a few in the bleachers called his reform “socialist” and revolted in dissent when Obama denied that his plan was a “government takeover of healthcare.” It was a healthy reminder to the Obama-dazed crowd that public opinion is not on their side on this issue.