Newt: I Won't Participate in Any Debates Moderated By Reporters

Posted: Jan 30, 2012 9:36 PM

More great news from the Gingrich camp-GOP Candidate Gingrich wouldn't participate in any debates moderated by reporters. At least that is what he told the crowd at a Pensacola rally today:

"As your nominee, I will not accept debates in the fall in which the reporters are the moderators," Gingrich said at a rally in Pensacola. "We don’t need to have a second Obama person at the debate."

The threat is in keeping with the scorn with which the former House speaker has treated the press throughout the campaign, particularly at debates. Gingrich most notably won a standing ovation by angrily dismissing a question at a South Carolina debate having to do with extramarital allegations made by an ex-wife.

Well, the debate schedule for the general election has already been set to three in October. So much for those long Lincoln-Douglas debates (which Obama would never agree to anyway). I'm not sure who would moderate if not reporters, and applause will not be allowed. For a candidate whose biggest selling point is debate skills, his stipulations seem rather stringent. One hopes that this is another grandiose, yet empty threat.