As Mass. Governor, Romney Consulted Obama's Environmental Policy Advisor

Posted: Oct 15, 2011 1:10 PM

Back in 2005, while he was implementing "the toughest" emissions caps in the country (a Massachussetts sized version of cap and trade, which failed in the Senate), Mitt Romney took advice from Obama's "science czar" John Holdren. Holdren, you may remember wants to "de-develop" the United States and favored population control through forced sterilization.

It won't surprise anyone to learn that energy imports in Massachusetts skyrocketed at that time. Ed Morrisey breaks it down:

So what has happened to Massachusetts’ electrical production since signing these regulations into law?  According to the EIA, whose latest data is for 2009, it dropped 18% in four years, from over 46 billion megawatt hours to 38 billion.  International imports, however, went from 697 million megawatt hours in 2006 to 4.177 billion megawatt hours two years later, and to almost 5 billion megawatt hours in 2009, more than twice the amount imported in any of the previous twenty years.

A video of Romney praising Ted Kennedy also began to circulate this week. In it, he thanks the liberal senator for securing federal funding for the state's health care expansion. I can only think of one person with more bad news this week.