Dennis Kucinich Misses...George Bush?

Posted: Jun 18, 2011 8:56 AM

Who would have thought? Dennis Kucinich may have wanted to impeach our 43rd president at the time, but now Obama's handling of Libya is making him nostalgic:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Thursday ripped President Obama while giving credit to former President George W. Bush for asking Congress to authorize the war in Iraq.

The anti-war Democrat, criticizing Obama's handling of the conflict in Libya, noted that Bush formally consulted Congress on the Iraq war in 2002.

"President Bush came to Congress ... President Obama doesn't feel like he needs to come to Congress," Kucinichsaid during an interviewon C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" program. Kucinich pointed out he was strongly opposed to the Iraq war.

The Ohio Representative is currently suing President Obama for not getting congressional approval before starting a war in Libya.  In the meantime, the White House continues to repeat the claim that they haven't violated the War Powers Act.