Headquarters for Smart Girls

Posted: Oct 01, 2010 6:00 PM
After attending 'Feminism 2.0: The New Face of Feminism' at the Smart Girl Summit, I might need to get a shirt that says "A Woman Needs the Government Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle".

Tammy Bruce, Lori Ziganto, Jenn Q. Public and Pamela Gorman took turns calling out the feminist left, addressing topics from the devaluation of motherhood and reduction of women to their reproductive function to cultural relativism at the expense of women's lives.

Although each panelist had a different idea of what it means to be a conservative feminist, everyone was in agreement that women are capable creatures. We don't have to aspire to be just like men, and we don't need the government to hold our hands.

Lefty feminists seem to believe that women are victims or that choosing to be a mother is degrading. At Smart Girl Politics, they say that the differences between men and women are something to celebrate. We have many gifts, including a beautiful maternal instinct and unique skills that get us far in the workplace. The bottom line is that no one has to be limited by their gender.

Smart Girl has a lot of good stuff to say. Check them out here. For other conservative feminism hits, go here and here.