Biden: Obama Deserves Sainthood Following Troubled Healthcare Rollout

Posted: Mar 21, 2014 12:45 PM

While speaking to a conference of community health centers in New York, Vice President Biden had a lot to say about Obamacare. In essence, the vice president was responsible for apologizing for the mess that is Obamacare and the website. He told the health care workers that “patience and empathy” are needed in order to deal with frustrated Obamacare enrollees.

Hmmm. Maybe all of those things wouldn’t be necessary, had the website been put together properly, or even had the law never gone into effect. But what’s the best part of Biden’s speech? He thinks President Obama has done a great job following the flawed rollout.

The vice president wants to recommend President Obama “for sainthood” because he was able to maintain his patience through the many technical issues with the website. If the president deserves sainthood for that, then so do millions of Americans! Requiring people sing up for healthcare and then not being able to handle it, is not something the president should be praised for.

Biden said, “The president and I were as frustrated as anyone you ever knew.” But I don’t think I remember Biden trying to sign up for health insurance through These comments are made in a last ditch effort to get people to sign up before the deadline on March 31st.

His speech mostly made an attempt at consoling health care navigators; trying to tell them how to deal with confused and upset Americans trying to comply with the new health care laws. How condescending!