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Fed Offices in DC Closed 25% of the Time

Since October 1st of last year, federal employees have worked normal business days less than 75 percent of the time. Clearly we have a high-functioning government!


Between snow days, official holidays and the government shutdown it is no surprise that federal workers haven’t been too stressed lately. In total, federal offices have been closed either in whole or in part for 27 out of the last 105 weekdays. Delayed openings, unscheduled leave and telework days were in effect for 6 of those days.

But the biggest offender in days away from the office is Congress. Neither the House nor the Senate has worked a full work week so far in 2014. Congress has only spent 50% of their workdays in session this year.

Blame for the lack of work being done is being put on everyone, but at this point it seems clear that what needs to happen is to get people back on regular work schedules. The rest of us are somehow finding ways to work, and it’s time that federal workers do what we pay them for.

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