Obama Campaign Manager and Former Bill Clinton Aide to Head Hillary Clinton Project

Posted: Nov 13, 2013 5:40 PM

Two worlds are colliding, perhaps creating the perfect storm of political prowess. Jim Messina, an Obama insider who ran the president’s campaign last year, and John Podesta, a longtime advisor to Bill Clinton are joining forces. But what for? To join the board of Priorities USA, the PAC that supported President Obama in the last election.

The PAC that brought in millions of dollars is now looking into how they can re-launch the PAC, but behind a Hillary Clinton run in 2016. According to their plans, the PAC would act as the centralized pro-Clinton advertising wing.

What’s interesting to see, is a former Clinton alliance member, who bankrolled the PAC for Obama in 2008, is now joining team Hillary once again. The new organization is going to be interesting to watch.

Although it doesn’t seem so farfetched that an Obama supporter would become a Hillary supporter in 2016, it sure is one awkward situation. It also is a marrying of two major political powerhouses. It will sure be interesting to see how they work together and whether they can get Hillary elected in 2016.

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