Posed a Security Risk, Personal Information Vulnerable?

Posted: Oct 30, 2013 11:35 AM

According to an internal government memo obtained by the Associated Press, it appears Obama administration officials were worried about the security measures in place on the healthcare site. Apparently there was a lack of testing which posed a “high” security risk for the new health insurance website.

In the memo sent out late last month to Medicare chief Marylin Tavenner, it was mentioned that a website contractor was not able to test all the security controls in one complete version of the system. This insufficient testing “exposed a level of uncertainty that can be deemed as a high risk”.

The memo also recommended setting up a security team to address these risks, conduct daily tests and a full security test within 2-3 months of the site going live.

At the congressional hearing just this morning HHS secretary Sebelius said that the security certification is temporary, but that consumers’ personal information is safe. But how are we to know for sure? She also said in her testimony that the site had never crashed, and we know for sure that is not true! How is it that the public is supposed to feel safe and secure signing up for this new health care system, when all of its kinks are not worked out and our personal info is potentially at risk?!

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