Fun: What It's Like to be a Conservative on a Liberal College Campus

Posted: Jul 16, 2013 3:45 PM
Fun: What It's Like to be a Conservative on a Liberal College Campus

Usually a website with a bit of a liberal bias, Buzzfeed, came out with an article of memes expressing what it feels like to be a conservative college student on a liberal campus. They actually got this one right! Only being a few years out of college myself and having attended a very liberal school, Buzzfeed definitely is spot on with this story.

Not many people fully understand exactly how weird it can feel being the only conservative in your entire class, but some of these memes just portray the emotions one may feel in this situation.

Some of the best highlights from their article include:

“And you are amazed that students just sit and absorb left-wing indoctrination in the classroom”

A shocked face explains this quote: “When professors tell you that Communism would work if ‘it was only done right’”

Utter disappointment is expressed when: “a liberal loves something Obama did, but hated it when Bush did it”

“You are the only person at your school who has ever fired a gun” and “the only person who doesn’t think all guns should be banned forever”

Make sure to check out their entire post about this topic. The illustrations are what make it really good! I think my favorite may be the one about getting people to sign up for the College Republican group on campus.

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