5 Senate Races to Watch for GOP Success

Posted: Jun 08, 2013 11:00 AM

After the recent death of Senator Frank Lautenberg and Chris Christie’s following announcement of a special election later this year, it reminds us that there are some critical senate seats up for grabs that could be potential winners for the GOP. Depending on recruiting capabilities and ease of fundraising, we could see Republican senators in some surprising places.

1) New Hampshire

Now this won’t be an automatic win by any means, but it is an interesting race to watch because of the potential candidates in the race. It has been mentioned that Scott Brown, the former senator from Massachusetts, could cross state lines and take on incumbent, Jeanne Shaheen. It looks like if Brown actually takes the plunge and decides to run in New Hampshire, he is the one with the best chance of beating an old favorite.

There are other Republicans thinking about entering the race, but it is clear that national Republicans see a better chance with Brown. He will face a lot of criticism, crossing state lines and all, but he seems to be the best chance at a GOP victory in the Granite State.

2) Michigan

Well, we are all aware of the impending retirement of Democratic Senator Carl Levin. So now we look forward to who will try to enter the race. It looks like the national GOP is going to have step its game up in the recruiting for this race. Their top pick, Rep. Mike Rogers, is hesitant to join the race.

Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land has stepped up to run against the Democrat, but there is some worry at the top that this is not the best chance for Republicans. Many would feel more comfortable with Rogers in the race.

3) Arkansas

We all know that Arkansas is one of the historically red states, but they have had a long sitting Democratic senator who is looking extremely vulnerable in the next election cycle. Senator Mark Pryor is going to have a tough fight to make it through this challenge from the Republican’s ideal candidate, Rep. Tom Cotton.

It looks like Cotton will run and has a very good chance at taking out the Democrat.

4) Iowa

Back in January Senator John Harkin announced he would not be seeking re-election, which leaves open a large opportunity for Republicans. However, many are concerned that this could be a missed chance because the high profile candidate that was wanted by national GOP members doesn’t want to take the plunge.

Now it appears that we are going to have to battle it out in a tough primary season to see who the Republican candidate will be. But to be honest, this would be looking like a lot more optimistic situation had there been a clear frontrunner. Iowa will be an important state to keep an eye on for this reason.

5) Montana

Once again recruiting is going to play a major role in who ends up taking the Republican nomination in Montana to succeed Democratic Senator Max Baucus. There are a few potential candidates right now that are thinking about entering the race.

Former GOP Governor Marc Racicot is a favorite among national Republicans, but if he chooses to forgo the race, Rep. Steve Daines is another option. Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer is looking at running for the Democrats and this is a tough one for Republicans to think about.

If Schweitzer chooses to enter the race, it could be a tough one for the Republicans to win.