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It’s a Dead Heat in Arizona Senate Race

As we all know the election is just a month away and it is time to look at the Senate races that could affect which party will control the Senate. Arizona is looking like a toss-up and it’s important that you are up to date on everything that is going on there. We have a close call between current U.S. Congressman Jeff Flake and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona. In what has been a traditionally red state, Arizona has been shifting a bit lately, and has moved more to the center. With the polls showing the race so tight, it may even be possible that the Democrat could win. Whoever wins this race will join Senior Senator John McCain.


Here is the latest news you need to know about the Arizona Senate race:

In the last week, 3 polls have been released gauging the state of the race. 2 of the pollsters have Jeff Flake, the Republican ahead by 3% and 6%. The most recent poll has Richard Carmona up by 2%, with a margin of error at 4%. Essentially these polls show that the race is a dead heat.

Arizona is an interesting mix of people and political ideologies and this race is a very interesting one to watch because of it. With Senator Jon Kyl (R) retiring, the Democrats are seeing this as an opportunity to bring a Democratic Senator to the state. Richard Carmona is a former Surgeon General who the Democrats believe could be the person to reach out and take the votes away from Republican Congressman Jeff Flake. Congressman Flake is a solid conservative with the voting record to back that up; however, this may not be to his advantage as the state has become more moderate over recent years. Keep in mind though, this is still a red state.

On Tuesday this week both campaigns announced that there will be 3 debates before the election. The first will be in Phoenix on October 10th, the second in Tucson on October 15th and the last in Yuma on October 25th.

Just earlier this week, Richard Carmona released his quarterly fundraising information. In the third quarter Carmona for Arizona raised $2.2 million. He also picked up the Arizona Police Association endorsement this week. Carmona currently has 3 ads running throughout the state, so it seems the funding is certainly helping.


On the other side of the aisle, Congressman Flake has received 2 important endorsements in the last week. Both the U.S. and Arizona Chambers of Commerce endorsed Flake and the National Rifle Association endorsed too. We also know that big names like Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has given his approval for Congressman Flake, as well.

Keep your eyes on our site for more updates over the coming weeks.


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