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Let's face it: The Biden administration has never had any meaningful "sense of urgency" about the humanitarian and national security crisis at the southern border, so they can't really "lose" something they never had in the first place.  Yes, when the political optics get bad enough that even so-called mainstream news outlets have no choice but to highlight the historic catastrophe, the White House gets anxious about how the polls might look. They don't care about the problem itself, which they're causing; they care about public reaction to the problem.  So they focus on finding some sort of fig leaf to alleviate a bit of pressure, then they return to their default status of not caring about -- and actively fueling, really -- the border disaster.  When a huge number of Haitian nationals gathered under a Texas bridge, Biden's path out of that bad news cycle was to falsely smear Border Patrol agents.  


Similarly, as conditions deteriorated dramatically in recent months, the White House landed on a 'blame Republicans' talking point, citing a flawed bill opposed by most of the Congressional GOP.  It doesn't matter that the House passed a strong border bill (HR 2), which Democrats obstructed, and Biden threatened to veto.  It doesn't matter that it makes no sense to point the finger at the defeat of one piece of legislation crafted years into a raging crisis.  It doesn't matter that President Biden is actively refusing to undo deeply harmful executive actions he took at the onset of his term, the reversal of which would greatly improve the situation.  What matters is pushing the overall issue slightly beyond the most acute glare of scrutiny and public anger, then shrugging it off internally.  From a recent Politico report:

A month ago, the White House was openly considering a string of executive actions to curb migration at the southern border. But no announcements were made. And now, immigration advocates who had been engaged with the Biden administration about the moves say they no longer appear imminent...Administration officials are still weighing new actions...But inside the White House, aides do not feel a sense of urgency like they did before, even as the issue of immigration remains a chief concern for voters. The administration’s change in posture is owed, in part, to the downtick in migration numbers following a record-breaking number of illegal crossings in December...“They’re in that pretty classic mode of, nothing is on fire right now,” said an immigration policy advocate, granted anonymity to discuss private conversations about the administration’s border policy considerations...The president’s team believes congressional Republicans’ rejection of a bipartisan border deal and the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas allowed them to neutralize the political backlash Biden was facing.


The administration was pressured by "immigration advocates" not to cross the left-wing activist class, and the White House has appearently bent to their will. There was some expectaion that the president would surely announce something during a santizied border trip a few weeks ago (he once again saw zero illegal immigrants while on the ground), or during the State of the Union Address. Both of those moments came and went, with no new policy or action rolled out. The reason: They believe blaming Republicans gives them enough breathing room to move the crisis off the front burner -- without taking any sort of action that might rankle the base.  They're reportedly pleased by the "downtick" from December's record-breaking single month of encounters.  But February was the worst February ever recorded on this metric.  The Biden administration's response is to claim that still constitutes improvement and to declare that 'nothing is on fire right now.'  It's incredible.  

Roughly 10 million illegal crossings have occurred on Biden's watch, including close to two million known got-aways.  December was the worst month ever.  Again, February was the worst February on record.  The springtime surge is looming.  And the White House evidently believes things are in relatively good shape, even amid a string of violent crimes being committed against Americans by people in the country illegally -- including several who were 'paroled' into the US under Biden policies.  The president had to be heckled into even mentioning the victim of one such incident, bungling Laken Riley's name before apologizing for referring to her accused killer as "illegal."  Another example involves a young woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in Michigan.  The sitting president has ignored the slaying, which is his default setting on such politically-inconvenient occurrences.  The former president is doing the opposite:

Republican former President Donald Trump is making a stop in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, his second campaign visit in Michigan in the 2024 election year. Trump said his remarks at the Grand Rapids Convention Center will focus on "Biden's border bloodbath." The visit comes days after police said a man who had been deported to Mexico in 2020 killed his partner and left her on the side of an expressway Friday in Grand Rapids..."Joe Biden's Violent Criminal Illegals are invading backyards and communities across Michigan resulting in death, destruction, and chaos," a press release announcing the visit said...Police arrested Brandon Ortiz-Vite on Sunday in connection with the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, whose body was found Friday night on the shoulder of US-131. Federal officials said Ortiz-Vite had been deported to Mexico in 2020.

This alleged killer is a Mexican national who racked up quite a criminal record in the United States before being deported under the Trump administration.  At some point, he snuck back into the country (he was one of those many got-aways, it seems), and is now charged with murder.  The man, a former Obama-era DACA recipient, has reportedly confessed to the crime. In Bidenworld, there is no such thing as a 'National Day of Visibility for IIlegal Immigrants' Violent Crimes,' it would seem.  Late last month, Biden's spokeswoman couldn't say whether any of the illegal immigrants filmed shoving and fighting their way past Texas National Guardsmen had been deported.  We now know that some of them were not only not booted from the country -- they may well be released into it:

An El Paso magistrate judge on Easter Sunday ordered the release of migrants accused in a "border riot" when a stampede overwhelmed National Guard troops along the Rio Grande...Presiding Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta made his ruling on Sunday, March 31, during an online teleconference bond hearing where he accused the El Paso District Attorney's Office of not being ready to proceed with detention hearings for each defendant. Another hearing for more defendants is expected Monday..."It is the ruling of the court that all the rioting participation cases will be released on their own recognizance," Acosta ordered. The arrests were made by the Texas Department of Public Safety in connection with a March 21 stampede of asylum-seeking migrants — mostly men from Venezuela — who torn down razor wire along the Rio Grande and rushed the border fence...Some migrants face charges of assault of a public servant for knocking down Texas National Guard troops before order was regained. The migrants had sought to surrender themselves to U.S. Border Patrol in bids for asylum or other immigration relief.

Crime pays for illegal immigrants coming to America. These men were told they could enter and stay in the US if they sought "asylum," but when they encountered resistance from Texas officials, they destroyed barriers, assaulted officers, and bum-rushed the border. And now a judge would like to reward them for this conduct, ordering them released on their own recognizance.  Bad actors are being emboldened, and will be thrilled to learn that the president now views the border disaster with even less "urgency."  No wonder Biden's Mexican counterpart feels confident enough to make outrageous, blackmail-style 'demands' like this -- on American national television, no less:


I'll leave you with this window into the work of ICE, which is trying to do its job, despite systemic interference and undermining from 'sanctuary' jurisdictions:

Make this make sense: 

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