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Woke Tales: Los Angeles Prosecutor Suspended for 'Misgendering' Child Molester and Accused Killer

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Good, healthy stuff -- out of California, of course.  I've long argued that trans people should be treated with dignity and respect, and that we would all be well-served by respecting the Golden Rule, but woke insanity never ceases to overreach.  And urban California is ground zero for woke insanity and overreach.  Let's check in on left-wing, pro-criminal District Attorney George Gascon, shall we?  

This is absolute madness, start to finish:

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has suspended the attorney who prosecuted a 26-year-old trans child molester who was accused of identifying as a woman only after DNA evidence linked her to a cold case crime, according to law enforcement sources.  Shea Sanna, who had been the lead prosecutor for part of the case, is accused of misgendering and "deadnaming" the convicted child molester Hannah Tubbs, who is now accused of beating a man to death in the woods with a rock in Kern County. Sanna has argued in the past that jailhouse phone calls show Tubbs, now 27, was attempting to use gender identity to game the justice system – an argument that sources say made others in Gascon's office uncomfortable and led to the suspension.

The suspended prosecutor has confirmed the allegation, calling the move retaliatory:

More from the Fox News report:

Tubbs has a lengthy criminal history in California and Idaho under the former name, James Tubbs – and allegedly began identifying as female after being arrested in connection with a 2014 child molestation case in which she pleaded guilty to attacking a 10-year-old girl in a Denny's bathroom stall. Sanna subsequently raised concerns about a possible ruse. Gascon's office, under a series of stiff policy directives, sought to have the adult ex-con placed in a juvenile facility because the crime occurred before her 18th birthday...A month later, Sanna said, after he sent a critical tweet about former Gascon adviser Alisa Blair's handling of another case, he found himself the subject of a complaint filed on her behalf.

"So it wasn’t when I first ‘misgendered’ Tubbs," he told Fox News Digital. "She did it in retaliation. Part of it, the reason why I suspended, is because I called out Tubbs to the administration and said I have recordings of him making up the name, gaming the system, joking about it and the date that it was made up. And I had reports where he's referring to himself as a ‘grown ass man.’"  "It wasn’t like I was going around being transphobic or malicious -- I brought it to their attention that they have a convicted child rapist trying to get himself into a juvenile facility as a woman, and he rapes little girls," he said. "Does anybody see a problem with that?" Tubbs' victim, now an adult, has also disputed Tubbs' alleged gender identity and condemned Gascon last year and said the light sentence denied her any sense of justice... "I’ve also heard that my attacker goes by she/them pronouns now," she told Fox News. "I see it also unfair to try him as a woman as well, seeing how he clearly didn’t act like one on January 1st of 2014."

This summary is also helpful, for context:

This person sexually attacked a child in a bathroom, and is accused of beating someone else to death.  There's evidence that this felon is using gender politics as a weapon against the system, in order to secure leniency for himself or herself.  But it was a prosector in the case who got in trouble, facing a suspension without pay for calling out the alleged manipulation.  One wonders if Gascon is tempted to file hate crime charges against the attacker's victim for "misgendering" her now-self-identified 'female' attacker. I'm only half kidding.  More context, from a story published last February:

A Los Angeles County judge on Jan. 27 ordered Hannah Tubbs, a male-to-female transgender Californian, to serve two years in a juvenile detention facility after Tubbs pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in 2014 — but it's possible Tubbs could only face six months. Tubbs, 26, recently pleaded guilty to molesting the girl in a women's bathroom eight years ago when Tubbs was two weeks away from turning 18. At the time of the crime, Tubbs identified as male and went by James. Tubbs did not identify as female until being taken into custody, according to prosecutors. "Hannah Tubbs is currently housed in county jail. It is my understanding that she will soon be transferred to Sylmar Juvenile Hall," Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami, assigned to the Complex Child Abuse Unit, told Fox News Digital. Prosecutors say Tubbs walked into the bathroom of a Denny’s in 2014 and grabbed the 10-year-old by the throat, locked her in a stall, and put a hand down the girl’s pants. Tubbs stopped when another person walked into the restroom and fled, the Los Angeles Times reported. Because Tubbs began identifying as female after being taken into custody, and L.A. District Attorney George Gascon refused to try [the 26-year-old] Tubbs as an adult, the assailant was sentenced to two years in a Secure Youth Treatment Facility (SYTF), though Tubbs would be separated from other juvenile inmates at the facility.

Behold, the march of "progress" and "equity."  Don't we all feel safer and more enlightened?


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