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Flying High: Re-Elected Brian Kemp's Job Approval in Georgia Soars, Further Repudiating Smears

AP Photo/Megan Varner, File

After the November elections, I wrote a piece marveling at the headwinds Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp overcame to win a decisive re-election victory.  He faced down an intense vendetta from the most high-profile member of his own party (including crushing a hand-picked primary opponent), scurrilous claims of racism and 'voter suppression' from Democrats, and the media, and a host of craven Georgia-based corporations, and one of the most famous and well-funded challengers in the country -- and he won handily, improving from a narrow 2018 victory of less than two percentage points to roughly an eight-point win last year.  This was an impressive feat, no matter how you slice it.  


One of the most gratifying elements of Kemp's success is the total destruction of Democrats' appalling 'Jim Crow' lie about the state's new voting reforms.  With the new law in place, despite activists' breathtakingly dishonest screaming -- aided and amplified at every step by Democrats, journalists, and the likes of Delta Airlines, Coca Cola and Major League Baseball -- the state shattered previous midterm turnout records in the primary, in the general, and in the runoff.  A comprehensive debunking of the lies.  Georgia Democrats seeded the 'Jim Crow' garbage, especially two-time loser and conspiracy theorist Stacey Abrams, and national Democrats ran with it.  President Biden disgraced himself by referring to the law as worse than Jim Crow segregation, adding a disgusting demagogic flourish by comparing supporters of the changes to segregationists and confederates.  As Spencer noted earlier this week, in addition to the record-breaking turnout speaking for itself, the people are also speaking clearly about their voting experiences, thanks to a new University of Georgia poll released this week:


Under Georgia's new election security law, 98.9 percent of voters said they did not have any problem voting, including 99.5 percent of black voters and 98.7 percent of white voters. When it came to wait times — another area in which Democrats tried to claim the new election law was disenfranchising black voters — 94.7 percent of voters saw wait times less than 30 minutes, including 68.7 percent who waited less than 10 minutes and 31.9 percent who had no wait time.  For those who did have to wait a few minutes, 99 percent of voters said they felt safe, and 72 percent rated their experience voting in the 2022 election as "excellent," including 72.7 percent of white voters and 72.6 percent of black voters. A whole 0 (zero) percent of black voters rated their experience voting in 2022 as "poor."

No racial gap on 'excellent' experiences, overwhelmingly positive feedback, short and convenient wait times, and zero percent of black voters reporting a poor experience.  The blizzard of lies has failed, epically.  Kemp is taking a well-earned victory lap:  


Will the Biden DOJ withdraw its outrageous and entirely political lawsuit, which is a waste of time and money?  And we ever see apologies from the people and entities who promulgated the toxic racial myth?  Don't hold your breath. Undeterred by facts or reality, some Democrats will never let go of their propaganda.  Case in point, in Sen. Warnock's victory speech, he claimed 'voter suppression' was real in Georgia.  They'll never abandon this mendacity because it would be too humiliating to do so, and because they need to keep their base angry and scared.  Kemp has governed as a principled conservative, has navigated some difficult political challenges expertly, and has produced results.  In spite of all the ugly, high-decibel attacks, he comfortably secured another four-year term, and his popularity has bounced to an all-time high.  This is what vindication looks like:

Kemp recently traveled to Davos and delivered a very straightforward message defending his policies in front of an elite audience that likely views him as some sort of knuckle-dragger, accent and all.  Rather than couching his remarks in an apologetic tone to match the milieu, Kemp gave it to them straight.  And the outcomes are self-evident, as people are flocking to Georgia.  Meanwhile on the home front, Kemp and his administration have been very tough on the Antifa riots happening in Atlanta over recent days, vowing to prosecute violent agitators and terrorists to the fullest extend of the law.  By contrast, members of the 'Squad' are pretending that a criminal killed by police is some sort of innocent martyr -- as opposed to somehow who shot a state trooper:


In a sign of the times, the deceased cop-shooter's leftist fellow travelers are spending quite a lot of energy yelling about its pronouns (yes, one of its preferred pronouns was "it").  I'll leave you with the Kemp administration's message that his government will not tolerate lawlessness:


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