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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

You may recall that in recent months, Washington DC's comically left-wing city council has seen fit to reduce criminal penalties for carjackings, a violent crime that is skyrocketing in the city.  They also decided to expand "voting rights" to virtually any warm body who's been in town for a few weeks, including illegal immigrants and Russian diplomats.  Well this crew is now back at it, with a broken-brain plan for 'increasing tourism' to the nation's crime-riddled capital city.  It's almost impressive how stupid this is:


The DC Council is holding its final session Tuesday before new members are sworn in next month. Council members are set to vote on a number of issues. First, members are expect to vote on a plan to boost tourism by increasing the tax on hotel rooms by 1%. Right now, that works out to about $15 for every $100 spent on a room in the District. The proposed increase would raise the price to about $16. D.C. leaders say tourism has taken a hit during the pandemic, and has not fully rebounded. The industry has lost about $3 million and 22,000 tourism jobs. If approved, the emergency legislation would make the extra fee temporary starting in April 2023 and last until March of 2027.

They want to boost tourism to the city by...making it more expensive to stay in the city.  Slow clap.  And perhaps pre-pandemic numbers haven't fully rebounded because of the undeniable deterioration in public safety, plus the district's insanely draconian COVID policies, which were some of the most anti-science in the nation.  Solution?  Raise taxes, of course.  But don't worry, it's only "temporary," through at least early 2027.  And this wasn't just a silly proposal.  It just passed.  In fairness, who wouldn't love to pack the family into the minivan and come enjoy the empty storefronts and crime at Union Station?  Or the restaurants being shuttered in the heart of the city, due to unsafe conditions?


For reference, this McDonald's franchise location is literally adjacent to the downtown sports arena, home to the city's NBA and NHL teams.  This isn't some remote neighborhood that's always been rough.  It's across the street from the National Portrait Gallery.  And it's not an isolated incident.  This story is from last week:

The owner of City Winery is shutting down the restaurant’s Ivy City location at the end of the month over concerns about safety in the Northeast D.C. neighborhood. “Every week, a staff member’s car was broken into,” City Winery founder and CEO Michael Dorf said. “Couple of our employees being attacked on the street a couple weeks ago was very tough,” he said. Dorf said he has no choice. The popular restaurant, winery and event space that opened in 2018 will shut down by Jan. 1, leaving 100 full- and part-time employees without a job. “We’ve hired a lot of security, but, you know, we can’t hire armed guards to protect our own security,” Dorf said. According to D.C. police data, in the half-mile radius surrounding City Winery in Ivy City overall crime is up 16% in 2022. Property crime rose by 14% and violent crime by 38% compared to last year. Police described the majority of the violent crimes as assault with a dangerous weapon, like shootings, stabbings and armed fights.


The city council has watched this rolling disaster and decided to pursue "equity" and "justice" in the form of criminal reforms that lessen consequences for a raft of crimes.  Never, ever let these lunatics become a state.  I'll leave you with my recent interview with the leader of a state just across the Potomac River.  DC residents are welcome to move to greener, safer, saner pastures -- but they should have to vote accordingly:

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