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Watch: Pelosi Gets Booed at NYC Concert

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

I'm not sure this means much, in the scheme of things, but it's fun anyway.  Prominent Democrats are accustomed to getting rapturous receptions when they appear in certain public settings.  Late night 'comedy' shows, with lefty hosts and stacked audiences, come to mind.  It'd similarly be fair to assume that something called a 'Global Citizen' concert in New York City would also represent friendly confines for someone in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's position.  

But the boo birds were out when she took the stage over the weekend:

The New York Post explains:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was not so warmly received when she made a surprise guest appearance at the Global Citizen’s music festival in Central Park Saturday night. Pelosi, wearing a white pantsuit and matching scarf, appeared to be booed as she took the stage to speak briefly, social media video shows. The house speaker was discussing climate change and cutting carbon emissions in the speech and some booing was audible from the start, videos show...As boos and cheers continued, several hecklers are heard yelling “let’s go!” apparently looking for the evening’s entertainment to resume...The audience continued to make noise over the remarks as Pelosi closed by saying her grandchildren Paul and Thomas were in the audience – and she had agreed to keep her remarks short so as not to delay more music.

Yeah, I've seen some people sharing this story like, "wow, even New Yorkers hate Pelosi and the Democrats now!"  That's not what's happening here.  Perhaps there were some Republicans or right-leaners scattered throughout the crowd, but it's a pretty safe bet that this was an overwhelmingly leftist gathering.  They were booing Pelosi because they didn't want to hear a politician's speech at a fun concert -- and, if anything, because Pelosi is too 'corporate' or 'moderate' for their tastes.  Remember, New York leftists have protested Chuck Schumer at his house for not being radical enough.  If I had to guess, Pelosi was probably irked by the boos and heckling.  Aren't these ingrates aware that we "saved the planet"?

What clownish, hyperbolic hubris.  Two more thoughts on Pelosi, while we're at it (and I'll just passingly mention that this is a person who's explicitly refused to condemn acts of terrorism against organizations who don't share her unbridled enthusiasm for abortion):  First, she put out the following statement in response to House Republicans' newly-released agenda, ahead of the midterms:

“Today’s rollout is the latest evidence of House Republicans’ whole-hearted Commitment to MAGA: going all-in on an extremist agenda designed to greatly diminish Americans’ health, freedom and security. This alarming new extreme MAGA platform threatens to criminalize women’s health care, slash seniors’ Medicare and raise prescription drug prices, and attack our free and fair elections.  These appalling proposals have long been advanced by right-wing politicians and are widely supported by the dark money special interests who call the shots in the GOP.  But this extreme MAGA agenda is way out of step with Americans’ priorities, who align with Democrats’ vision of putting People Over Politics: with lower costs, better-paying jobs and safer communities. The contrast is crystal clear: Democrats are For The People, while Republicans are For Their Power.  The American people will Remember in November that House Republicans’ extreme MAGA agenda is far too dangerous — for our families and for our Democracy.

The whole conceit behind President Biden's 'MAGA Extremism!" shouting is that Democrats are fighting something far more sinister and threatening than normal, run-of-the-mill Republicanism. This cancer transcends typical political disagreements over issues, they argue, and tears at the existential fabric of our very republic.  But then, like clockwork, Democrats start applying their 'no-really-this-is-different-and-dangerous' talking points to...normal, run-of-the-mill Republicanism, acting like typical political disagreements over issues are part of the threat to the existential fabric of our very republic, or whatever.  In other words, they totally discredit whatever point they're trying to make about democracy by conflating it with prosaic political conflicts. They can't help themselves.  They don't believe their own words on the subject, as their actions and expenditures make clear.  And by the way, go read the House GOP plan.  It's totally sensible and mainstream, if not anodyne.  Pelosi's frenzied statement is an unserious and frankly ridiculous response.  It reads like paint-by-numbers outrage.  Finally, weren't we just told "the pandemic is over"?


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