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The lying hypocrisy was clearly lying hypocrisy all along.  Back when Georgia's voting reforms were being debated and passed, Stacey Abrams shamefully termed them 'Jim Crow 2.0' -- and even more shamefully, President Biden went further, saying that Georgia Republicans' efforts were worse than the government-mandated, bigoted discrimination of Jim Crow segregation.  As the new law was implemented, major Georgia-based companies, caving to the hard Left's aggressive disinformation campaign, spoke out against Gov. Brian Kemp and the Republican-held legislature.  Boycotts were launched, encouraged from the Oval Office.  Major League Baseball, which hosts its headquarters and Hall of Fame in a state with many more "suppressive" voting restrictions, yanked its All Star Game out of Atlanta.  Shrill talking points deployed against the law were demonstrably factually false.  Biden attacked its supporters as modern day equivalents of Confederates and segregations, and 'domestic enemies.'  Remember this disgrace?


Well, the law turned out to be fairly popular, even in the face of ludicrous demagoguery.  And now, the lies are being refuted by undeniable reality.  Just look at all this suppression:

Just over 320,000 early and absentee votes at this point in the 2018 cycle.  Now, with worse-than-Jim-Crow suppression in effect, that number exploded to more than 850,000 votes. More details on how racist this suppression has been, as well: 


"Despite."  Where are all the people who were unable to vote?  Where are the people dying of thirst because it's supposedly illegal to give them water, or whatever?  Those people are nowhere, because it was all garbage, all along.  And some voters are waking up to the realization that they were lied to:  

Will any reporters be phoning up Coca-Cola or Delta Airlines for comment?  What about Major League Baseball?  Will there be any consequences for the bad actors who lied through their teeth about this stuff, or the entities that credulously believed them?  Will anyone ask Abrams about her lies?  What about the president?  Don't hold your breath.  The Left gets to lie with impunity because their lies as seen as good.  The only way to really punish those responsible is for Georgia voters to defeat Abrams again in November.  She'll have a rematch with Gov. Kemp, who is running away with the Republican nomination -- and to whom she never conceded, preferring election lies and conspiracies.  These days, she' got some...interesting thoughts about her state:


Weird line of attack from a woman who seems to consider herself the rightful incumbent governor.  Here's the real incumbent's response:

I'll leave you with the best hope Stacey Abrams has this fall -- which is precisely how Democrats swept two Senate seats last January:

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