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Conservatives, Liberals Unite: Epstein's Death is Outrageous and Insanely Suspicious

The dude was one of the most infamous defendants in the federal system, and likely has dirt on all sorts of rich and powerful people.  And his many sex abuse and trafficking victims have never gotten true justice.  And he just recently either tried to commit suicide, or was attacked while behind bars.  According to some reports, he told guards and fellow inmates that he believed someone was trying to kill him.  And his suicide watch was bizarrely short-lived.  How the hell could this have been allowed to happen?  Whether you're in the "stunning incompetence allowed a suicide to take place" camp, or the "he was murdered" camp, basically everyone agrees that Epstein's death is an outrage that demands a very serious investigation.  From AOC to Ted Cruz to Bill Barr, everyone is livid and demanding answers:


Upon learning the news over the weekend, one of my first thoughts was how this stunning development would serve to further erode the public's already waning trust in nearly all of our institutions:

There will be a probe, of course, and it had better be thorough and exceptionally transparent.  Many, many people who aren't typically conspiracy-minded are convinced that there's something sinister afoot here.  I'm basically in this head space at this point.  Pure, high-grade ineptitude, allowing Epstein the opportunity and means to off himself, might be the simplest explanation here, but I'm not sure it's the most convincing one.  Occam's Razor may actually point to some form of conspiracy in this case, quite honestly.  Here's a former DOJ official calling the situation "unfathomable" in a Washington Post op/ed:


I'll leave you with two thoughts: First, what are the chances a guy like Epstein had an "in the event of my death" contingency plan, particularly if it's true that he kept photo and video evidence against his fellow pedophiles?  Second, is there anything to the "intelligence" angle?  If so, I can't imagine we'll ever know the full truth about what happened:

UPDATE - Welp:


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