New Polls: Voters Are Tired of Trump-Russia Investigation, Say They've Heard Enough, Want Congress to Move On

Posted: May 23, 2019 1:45 PM
New Polls: Voters Are Tired of Trump-Russia Investigation, Say They've Heard Enough, Want Congress to Move On

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Two new polls, similar results: The American people, having watched the political class bicker and blather about Russiagate for years, have heard enough.  In a new national survey by conducted by Monmouth, a majority of Americans say it's time for Congressional Democrats to move on to other subjects -- this, as Democrats appear to be moving in the opposite direction, with a growing number of members calling for a highly unpopular impeachment process to commence:

While a clear majority of the public supports getting more details about the Mueller report, just over half (52%) say that Congress should move on to other issues now that the investigation has concluded. Just 41% say that Congress should continue to look into concerns related to the inquiry. These results are similar to the public’s opinion last month just before the report was released...The poll finds that 39% of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency while 56% disagree with this course of action.

By double-digit margins, voters want Congress to "move on to other issues," and the gap grows even wider on impeachment. A fresh CBS News poll produces strikingly similar findings. A majority of voters want the legislative branch to pursue other issues, as they've heard enough about the Mueller report to have formed their own conclusions:

As usual, while the White House will be pleased with these results, there are plenty of red flags for Trump in the data, too. For instance, according to the Monmouth numbers, a solid majority of voters are ready for a new president:

And much of this does appear to be driven by the base:

I'll leave you with the president's remarks in the Rose Garden yesterday. I believe he should be focusing far more on the economy and resisting the temptation to go blow-for-blow with the Democrats in re-litigating the Mueller saga, but he does make two important points. First, he wants to work with Democrats for the American people to get things done, but that's not possible if the opposition is fanatically fixated on nonstop investigations into a matter that has been settled by the Special Counsel. And second, Mueller was given every resource he asked for, and despite Trump's mercurial outbursts, his probe was never obstructed, limited, or interfered with, in any way:

As we see in the data above, when Trump says the issue is essentially over, most Americans agree with him.

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