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AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

In a fresh Fox News national poll, support for capitalism still crushes support for socialism -- although self-identified Democratic voters are divided over their preferred economic system.  And as we've seen in other recent surveys, President Trump's job approval rating has ticked higher since the end of the longest partial government shutdown in US history.  A few major and noteworthy findings within the numbers:


(1) Just 25 percent of registered voters hold a positive view of Socialism, including 50 percent of self-described liberals, while nearly 60 percent hold a negative view.  On capitalism, the numbers are nearly exactly reversed: 57 percent favorable, and 28 percent unfavorable.  As for the overall role of government, this should be welcomed as a healthy sign by conservatives: 

(2) Even though much of our current political discourse would suggest widespread feelings of angst and anger among the electorate -- feelings that the opposition are sure to stir up incessantly during the campaign -- the overwhelming majority of Americans are feeling fairly upbeat about the American dream.  Thirty-eight percent say their family has achieved the dream, with 40 percent saying they're "on the way."  Just 18 percent, less than one-in-five, believe it is "out of reach."  By a two-to-one margin, Americans say they're optimistic, not pessimistic, about the US economy.

(3) The country splits evenly (47/47) on a national healthcare program, though significant benefits and trade-offs were not polled.  In other surveys, enthusiasm for single-payer has crashed when factors like higher taxes and longer wait times are mentioned.  Both the tax reform law and Obamacare are polling with support and opposition running roughly evenly.

(4) President Trump's job approval rating has climbed to (46/52), a five-point net gain over last month.  Here where things stand overall:


Both Pelosi and Trump garner majority unfavorability, with the House Speaker deeper underwater.  The two major parties are in equally mediocre shape.

(5) Support for the border wall stands at (46/50), a notable improvement over the (39/56) nadir of August 1017.  Voters heavily oppose both another partial shutdown, as well as the forthcoming 'emergency' declaration (38/56) from the president.  But they lopsidedly favor (66/21) a plan that would provide money for both new barriers, plus "other border security measures as well as money for humanitarian relief."  That seems like a pretty relevant finding, given the deal hammered out by both sides.  Guess who else evidently thought so?

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