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A very special moment from the House floor today, in which Nancy Pelosi's top deputy demands that the House stay in session to "do our work" (to cheers), then immediately makes a motion...to adjourn the chamber.  Set aside the fact that the House has already done its work, having passed a temporary spending bill that keeps the federal government open and extends a children's healthcare program for six years.  This is just pure comedy gold, and the laughter from the Republican side of the aisle just after Steny Hoyer epically self-owns is the cherry on top:

Virtuosic.  The House cleared a bill; the action is over in the Senate, where Democrats are both warning that (a) a shutdown would literally kill people (b) threatening to force a shutdown.  We ran through the dynamics and hypocrisy on display here a bit earlier, so as we await this silly drama to end -- either with a last-second deal, or a brief partial shutdown, followed by a deal -- please enjoy CNN anchor Erin Burnett tying (another) Democrat into knots over his illogical and painfully indefensible double-standards:

Before you go, read Allahpundit's simple, excellent rundown of the three different offers Republicans have made to Chuck Schumer in order to stave of a shutdown, all of which are eminently reasonable -- and all of which Schumer has rejected: 

First offer from Republicans: Let’s fund the government and pass a DREAM amnesty, as both sides want to do, and in return you give us some concessions on chain migration and the wall. Republicans have no choice but to use DREAM as leverage for those concessions despite their support for the policy because Democrats are incredibly reluctantto tighten admission policies under the best of circumstances. So how about a little something in return for DREAM, in the name of compromise? Nope, says Schumer. Won’t do it. We’ll give you a few billion in mad money for border improvements but we’re not doing anything that might move the U.S. towards skills-based criteria for immigrants and away from “bring the whole family!” policies.

Second offer from Republicans: Okay, since we’re stuck on a DREAM deal, let’s table the whole immigration issue for now and instead agree to fund the government and extend CHIP long-term, as both sides want to do. We’ll come back to DREAM afterwards when we’re not facing a hard deadline. Nope, says Schumer. Won’t do it. The amnesty fanatics in my base refuse to let us sign on to any funding deal that doesn’t include DREAM. Even though not only is DACA still in effect, the feds are letting enrollees renew their enrollments.

Third offer from Republicans: Okay, since Democrats are hung up on amnesty and worried about voting for a bill that doesn’t include it, let’s temporarily change the rules so that they don’t have to vote for the bill at all. Last night McConnell asked for unanimous consent from the Senate to let Republicans pass a funding bill with 50 votes instead of the 60 that the filibuster requires. It’s not at all certain that he has even 50 votes right now, but he was willing to take full responsibility for the bill’s passage via his caucus alone. If he found the votes he needed, the government would stay open without any Democratic assent to the DREAM-less bill. Nope, said Schumer. Won’t do it. He objected to the motion for unanimous consent. McConnell still needs 60, all but ensuring a shutdown.

If this puppy closes up shop (partially and temporarily), it will truly be the #SchumerShutdown, courtesy of 'Shutdown Chuck.'  All because of immigration fanaticism.  Last word to AP: "Democrats routinely resist attempts to put real teeth into enforcement (e.g., E-Verify) or to limit far-reaching family reunification policies for legal immigrants, even if Republicans are willing to agree to amnesty in the process. The “absolutist” GOP, led by its “nativist” president, is openly declaring its willingness to rubber-stamp DREAM. They just want a down payment on real controls over new immigration. Democrats won’t do it because, demographics being what they are, they’ve increasingly adopted a fanatic stance on open borders for their own political gain. It really is as simple as that."  Oh, and I'll leave you with this, for the leftist in your life who is gamely pretending that the filibuster doesn't exist in order to repeat the dopey talking point about how insane it is that Democrats might be blamed for a shutdown when the GOP controls both houses of Congress and the presidency:

UPDATE - Senate Democrats are starting to splinter over their bad strategy, and their appetite for Schumer's shutdown may lessen further when they start seeing polls showing that their plan is barely popular among their own partisans:

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