Maddow: Let's Face It, Gorsuch is Actually Pretty 'Mainstream'

Posted: Feb 01, 2017 1:05 PM

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is on the record as saying that he'd consider a filibuster against President Trump's Supreme Court nominee if he or she is outside of the "mainstream" (which is a bit rich coming from someone who accidentally admitted to how promiscuously he tosses about the term "extreme"). Schumer has since announced that he supports a 60-vote threshold to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, whom left-wing activists, lawmakers, and editorial boards are predictably and unconvincingly painting as a wild-eyed monster. Consider this tweeted hyperventilation from Oregon liberal Ron Wyden:

This is paint-by-numbers pablum, matched in its inanity and vacuity only by the pre-made, glossy placards printed up by professional left-wing agitators to hand out to their astroturf outrage army:

This the degree to which this protest was anti-organic and anti-grassroots is almost comical.  Back to Wyden, who may have forgotten is that he himself voted to confirm Gorsuch in 2006, the year in which the young jurist was appointed to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, out West. According to the Denver Post, he was confirmed unanimously by voice vote "because the nomination wasn't deemed controversial." Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a persistent and reasoned Trump skeptic, has been fulsome in his praise for Trump's selection, reminding Democrats of a few facts regarding the man they're attempting to cast as a radical:

Here's a more complete list, featuring every sitting Democratic Senator who gave Gorsuch the green light during the Bush administration.  The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes marvels at how thin and desperate the professional Left's attacks on Gorsuch have been thus far.  They've had months to prepare a dossier, and they've more or less whiffed completely:

Read this piece by Ed Whelan for a clearer picture of just how little they've got in the way of substance, hence the dramatic hyperbole exemplified in Sen. Wyden's tweet.  And just as Senate Democrats begin to splinter over how to approach this nomination fight, in swoops MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to pronounce President Trump's choice...well, "relatively mainstream," who might have been picked "by any Republican president."  To her credit, and the Left's chagrin, it's an accurate assessment -- and they all know it:

We've been keeping track of the Democratic Senators who are bucking the base's demands for an all-out war to block Gorsuch. (It bears noting that Democrats' escalating confirmation-related obstructionism on another front was smacked down by hardball-playing Republicans just this morning. The only way to get them to learn is to burn them with their own tactics, it seems). The latest Democrat to commit to a vote is Dick Durbin, a member of leadership -- which indicates that a full-blown street brawl isn't materializing over this nomination. Perhaps Democrats are deciding to keep their powder dry to try to take down a nominee to fill a future vacancy. I'll leave you with a ringing endorsement for Gorsuch from President Obama's former Solicitor General, as well as a temper tantrum from a crestfallen Clintonite: