Catastrophe: Clinton 46, Trump 35

Posted: Oct 10, 2016 1:20 PM

Here's my best sugarcoating attempt: The NBC/WSJ series is generally more Democrat-friendly than other national pollsters, and some of their very swing state polling shows Trump somewhat competitive -- and down-ballot Republicans even more viable. Also, this is a relatively small national sample size (less than 500), with a fairly high margin of error (4.6 points). Thus endeth the happy spin. If other polls trend in this direction, it would seem as though the bottom has fallen out of the Trump presidential campaign. A train wreck, all post-Trump Tape:

And here's an important number to keep an eye on. This is lose-the-House territory. Again, it's prudent to wait for more data points before panicking, but yeesh:

What's the mood like in the Trump camp today? See for yourself:

They're getting crushed by Hillary farking Clinton and may be bringing the party down with them -- and they don't care. They never have; they're political arsonists. No wonder Team Hillary was rooting for her self-destructive longtime donor and pal to win the Republican primary. Last night's debate may have helped Trump marginally, but this deficit, or a deficit anywhere in this neighborhood, is insurmountable. Let's see if this is an outlier. If it's not, Trump is in the worst shape of the entire race, which is really saying something. I'll leave you with this. Happy Monday, GOP:

UPDATE - Hmmmm: