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Best Speech of the Night: Donald Trump, Jr.

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- With an honorable mention to Tiffany Trump, who was gracious and poised in her remarks, this was the best and most effective speech of the night.  Donald Trump, Jr. sounded like an actual Republican. He spoke eloquently about school choice and limited government. He emphasized the importance of the judiciary and respecting the Constitution. He managed to acknowledge his own immense privilege without obnoxiously flaunting it or apologizing for it. And he articulated perhaps the best case on behalf of his father's candidacy that I've heard at the convention thus far. Watch:

This may actually be true:

Incidentally, I spoke with Lou Dobbs earlier about how Trump might go about defrosting some of the remaining hostility from a percentage of 'Never Trump' holdouts here in Cleveland.  Courtesy of Right Sightings:

In his address tonight, the candidate's eldest son may have made some headway on both fronts I mentioned.

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