Unelectable: 63 Percent of Americans Say They'll 'Definitely Not' Vote for Trump

Posted: Apr 08, 2016 2:31 PM

"Unelectable" may be phrasing it a bit too kindly. "Radioactive" is more like it. With a nod to Imagine Dragons, here's a look at The Donald's catastrophic standing among American voters as he struggles to lock up the Republican nomination for president:

Christine highlighted Trump's eye-popping negatives from this survey earlier, noting that fully 69 percent of US adults hold an unfavorable view of the controversial tycoon.  This is similar to the atrocious 67 percent unfavorable score he earned in last month's WaPo/ABC News survey.  Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz also fare poorly on the unfavorable scale -- battling it out in the mid-to-high 50's -- but Trump laps the field on unpopularity. A few more observations:

(1) This survey's partisan sample is a dramatic D+11 with leaners, which strains credulity, even as Americans seem to be flocking to the Democratic Party thanks to Trump. If you want to call this poll "skewed" against Trump or Cruz, there's the peg upon which to hang your theory. But even if you adjust for a slightly more Republican sample, Trump's numbers are still an abject disaster. Cruz's aren't good by any stretch, but they're not a train wreck.

(2) Since we've already established that this is a D+11 poll, it's extraordinary how terribly Hillary Clinton performs. Roughly half of respondents say they'd never vote for her, and then there's this:

(3) This woman is eminently beatable, but a certain segment of Republican voters seem intent upon handing her the only opponent whose nomination would guarantee a Clinton victory. These numbers are nothing short of gruesome:

(4) Ironically, for all of the "lyin' Ted" sloganeering that delights his fans, Trump fares 20 points worse than Cruz on the honesty benchmark among the general electorate. I'll leave you with the latest national head-to-head poll from Marist/McClatchy. The data sings a very familiar tune:

This marks the 14th consecutive poll in which Clinton has topped Trump. Her average lead is 10.5 points, according to RCP's aggregator.