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A few weeks back, we published a post detailing five lies Hillary Clinton and her team have told about her improper use of a totally under-secure
, private email server. We sifted through hard evidence to refute claims that Hillary: (1) Turned over "all" work-related email to the State Department, (2) constructed the server in order to facilitate streamlining her email onto a single mobile device, (3) used only one email address on the server during her time at State, and (4) "fully complied" with "every rule." We also refuted the notion that the White House was unaware that she was using her home-brew server to conduct official business. It's time to add a sixth major whopper to the list.  Despite repeated and vehement denials to the contrary, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mrs. Clinton did, in fact, transmit classified materials via her gerry-rigged, insecure email scheme:

A flashback, for good measure:

Are these four messages the extent of the classified material she had in her email? How much secret material is lurking among the more than 30,000 messages unilaterally destroyed by her lawyers? We now know some of those emails pertained to official business, exposing another major lie. These questions likely prodded two independent Inspectors General to ask the DOJ to 
open a criminal investigation into the matter, in light of ongoing stonewalling from the State Department and the Hillary camp. Incidentally, there's now some wrangling over whether the investigation referral was technically "criminal;" the Clinton damage control machine is in full swing, it seems.  I'll leave you with Ron Fournier endorsing the requested investigation and taking Clinton to task:

Here’s all you need to know: The Clinton campaign doesn’t – and can’t – deny the nut of this story. Two Obama administration inspectors general want a criminal investigation into whether her personal email system contributed to the release of classified information. A rogue email system that: — violated clear White House policy. — shielded her work from congressional oversight, media inquiries, or any accountability. — contributed to a conspiracy of secrecy worthy of criminal inquiry. ...Most people can sift through the spin, the lies, and the parsing to see the bottom line: She secreted and deleted her email for reasons we may never know. And she’s blaming everybody but the only person responsible for this mess, the only person who can clean it up: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

She may not be able to "clean it up," considering that her people allegedly permanently deleted
the relevant evidence. More importantly, she doesn't want to clean it up. There are emails she never, ever wants to see the light of day -- which is why the dreamed up this whole private server scheme in the first place: To thwart transparency and avoid accountability.  Or was the deletion truly permanent?  Hmmm

UPDATE - Totally unresponsive statement from Hillary. She blames the heat for unspecified "inaccuracies," repeats obsolete talking points (eliding 32,000 deleted emails, some of which have been proven to be work-related), and vows to ignore the scandal:

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