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Yes, that would be the very same Debbie Wasserman Schultz who's best known for her habitualflagrant lying, ham-handed "war on women" demagoguery
, ludicrous scare tactics on conservative policy reforms (absent any solutions of her own, of course), hilarious mispronunciations of common words, selective civility policing, and deer-in-the-headlights denialism when confronted with unhelpful realities.  Those delightful traits have characterized her tenures as a Congresswoman and DNC Chair, and now she's reportedly in the mood for a promotion:

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, is strongly considering a bid for U.S. Senate, calculating that having Hillary Clinton at the top of the 2016 ticket would help lift her candidacy in a year-of-the-woman campaign. Driving Wasserman Schultz’s interest: the increasing likelihood that Sen. Marco Rubio will run for the White House and that he ultimately won’t seek reelection in 2016, Democratic insiders familiar with her thinking say. Her office wouldn’t discuss her interest in the Senate...Some Democrats are salivating at the prospect of a history-making, two-woman top-of-the-ticket race in Florida. They also hope a female Senate candidate would attract unmarried female voters, who tend to vote Democrat but disproportionately avoid voting in Florida midterms along with African-Americans and Hispanics.

That bolded bit goes to the point that I've made several times regarding Rubio's presidential gamble: By seeking the Oval Office, the relatively popular incumbent Senator is putting a key Senate seat up for grabs in a presidential year in which Democrats are licking their chops over a number of pick-up opportunities (see, for instance, this brand new -- super early -- poll 
out of New Hampshire).  Anyway, weren't there a few stories circulating a few months back about how widely disliked DWS is within Democratic circles these days, particularly at the White House?  There sure were, with this one being by far the most brutal. One choice anecdote:

Obama and Wasserman Schultz have rarely even talked since 2011. They don’t meet about strategy or messaging. They don’t talk much on the phone. Instead, the DNC chairwoman stakes out the president of the United States at the end of photo lines at events and fundraisers. “You need another picture, Debbie?” Obama tends to say, according to people who’ve been there for the encounters.

Cold. The question is, if Team O can't stand her and Team Hillary is likely angling to "engineer her ouster" at the DNC, according to that same story, why would anyone back her for the US Senate?  The answers are threefold:  First, as Allahpundit says, she can raise lots of money (read the cutting hit job all the way through for an uniquely hilarious DWS lie about the nature of her DWS PAC).  Second, as the first story excerpted above notes, Democrats are going to be all about "Women!" (conservatives need not apply) in 2016.  Finally, there's this quickie analysis from the same report:

For years, anonymous Democrats in Congress, the DNC and Obama’s election machine have trashed the sometimes-acerbic congresswoman in publications like POLITICO and BuzzFeed. “Nancy Pelosi views Debbie as a threat,” said one Democratic politician familiar with the dynamics in the U.S. House. “So perhaps they’ll all pitch in together to get her out of the DNC and out of the House and into the Senate where no one can really do anything.

Let's make this woman a partisan rubber-stamp, do-nothing Senator to get her our of all of our hair!  What a rallying cry. Either way, the 2016 Florida Senate Democratic primary is shaping up to be a doozy. Guess who else is sniffing around?  Hoo boy:

Also expressing some interest behind the scenes: former Gov. Charlie Crist, who has lost his past two elections...Crist, who couldn’t be reached, would be far less likely to run for the Senate again if he had to run against an incumbent Rubio.

DWS vs. Charlie Crist: Whom does one root against harder?  And is the prospect of a Sen. DWS or a Sen. Crist horrific enough to compel Rubio to take one for the team and delay his White House ambitions?  I'll let you answer those question for yourselves; wouldn't want anyone to feel, uh, "myzled:" 

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