Video: DNC Attendees Awfully Stoked About "Belonging to the Government"

Posted: Sep 05, 2012 3:23 PM

I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to chuckle along with this video from Revealing Politics.  It's too depressing.  The Democratic National Convention's opening video featured this perverse pearl of Statist wisdom: "The government is the only thing we all belong to."  The Obama campaign quickly clarified that the video wasn't produced by them, hitting Republicans for "faux outrage."  Excuse me, but political conventions are parsed out and choreographed from pillar to post by the parties, which are fully controlled by the campaigns.  This clip didn't accidentally slip past the messaging gurus.  It's what liberals believe.  Even as Team Obama distances itself from the "government ownership" meme, rank-and-file DNC attendees happily articulated the joy, relief and security they associate by being wholly-owned subsidiaries of Big Government, Inc.  "Pathetic" doesn't quite capture this:

I'll leave you with Allahpundit's sharp take on the mentality behind the Democrats' government-centric worldview:

How psychologically impoverished must you be to find validation in “belonging” to a government? You’re forced to “join,” your “dues” are typically squandered on stupid, wasteful projects, half of the other members are perpetually at your throat, and the whole thing is shot through with corruption at every level. It’s essentially the world’s biggest and worst union (and worst in part because it’s biggest). In fact, didn’t we just spend an entire week listening to the left’s friends in the media tell us how racist Republicans are? Why would any liberal want to belong to a group with people like that in it? This rhetoric is pure communitarian garbage, designed to inculcate some perverse civic pride in the ideas that (a) government will continue to grow and usurp your choices and, more importantly, (b) you need to pay more “dues,” even though government’s already so big that realistically there’s no amount you could pay to make it sustainable. Loathsome.

If you've got a life, you don't own that.  Somebody else made that happen...