LIVE Open Thread: 2012 DNC Wednesday

Guy Benson
Posted: Sep 05, 2012 8:00 PM

There will be two sets of speakers at tonight's Democratic National Convention: Bill Clinton, and everyone else.  Seriously, beyond the 42nd president, the rest of the six-hour rundown promises to be an insipid snooze-o-rama.  We'll hear from cretinous AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka, we'll be treated to yet another abortion sonnet from Cecile Richards, and we'll witness some ramblings from newly-married Barney Frank.  What fun!  The top prime time hour -- 10 to 11pm ET -- stars phony Native American (and authentically losing) Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth, the Mayor of the broke city of Los Angeles, then Clinton.  But don't even think about tuning in too late, or tuning out before the clock hits zero.  If you do, you might miss Sandra Fluke valiantly describing her very courageous fight to force the religious institution she chose to attend to violate the tenets of its faith to provide her with "free" birth control.  Or you could miss the exquisite awkwardness of Monica Lewinsky's former rabbi giving the closing invocation, directly after Clinton speaks.  Really.  Hey, speaking of the game clock, there's a certain piece of attractive DNC counter-programming on NBC tonight.  Go Big Blue.  As we saw at the RNC, the network ratings took a nosedive last night compared to 2008.  Tonight will likely be worse, given the gridiron competition.  Nevertheless, Team Townhall will be watching the Charlotte program from wire to wire, adding our Twitter commentary below.  The comments section is all yours: