DWS: Why, I Have No Idea Which Party Obama's SuperPAC is Affiliated With

Posted: Aug 12, 2012 3:00 PM

It's been awhile, but our pal Debbie strikes again:


"I have no idea the political affiliation of the folks who are associated with that SuperPAC."

Serious question: Why even try to dance around the truth about this?  We've seen this exact non-denunciation many times before.  And yes, I understand the SuperPAC vs. campaign vs. party distinction, which in this case is meaningless.  But what's the point of the Democratic National Committee chairwoman feigning ignorance about the party with which President Obama's SuperPAC aligns?  Every single viewer knows she's BS'ing here.  Every last one.  If she's unable to tell a basic, obvious truth in this circumstance, why should anyone believe a single thing that comes out of her mouth?  After the interview, DWS got pummeled online for her performance, which she attempted to clean up with a belated tweet:

RT @DWSTweets: Clearly Priorities USA is a Democratic SuperPAC. Was trying to state the obvious: we have no control over their activities.

Of course Priorities USA is a Democrat-affiliated SuperPAC, America!  That's what I meant when my basic impulses drove me to say just the opposite on live national television under tough questioning about a heinous attack my side launched and won't repudiate.  Vintage Debbie.  Incidentally, the Washington Post's fact-checker has joined the chorus opprobrium over the ad:
Soptic is welcome to his opinion on possible reasons for his wife’s death, but that does not mean Obama supporters should exploit it. On just every level, this ad stretches the bounds of common sense and decency.  Four Pinocchios.
Obama '08: Hope and change.  Obama '12: "Stretching the bounds of common sense and decency."