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By all means, please bravely decry those treacherous, deep-pocketed Republican SuperPACs who have the temerity to fund commercials attacking your dismal economic record, champ.  It's not like your own SuperPAC -- the very existence of which he once deemed "a threat to our democracy" -- is running ads basically accusing your opponent of causing someone's death, or anything:


I'll reiterate my point from yesterday: This vicious freakshow isn't about Bill Burton or Stephanie Cutter or Robert Gibbs, or even Harry Reid.  It's about Barack Obama, the man at the top of this poisonous food chain.  The slime his minions are slinging are all part of Obama's "kill Romney" strategy, which he explicitly approved as they only viable path to cling to power.  This intellectual sludge isn't just an indictment of Obama's supporting cast.  It's a direct indictment on the man who hired them, and who fraudulently presented himself to voters as a post-partisan unicorn prince of togetherness in 2008.  The RNC is picking up on the story we laid out yesterday, flaying one of Obama's hired smear merchants for her thoroughly substantiated lies:

In one of the few accurate things she says here, Cutter makes a big point of asserting that the Obama campaign is legally barred from coordinating with Priorities USA in any way.  Did they violate the law in this case?  Some evidence suggests so.  Using the Reid standard, these organizations should be forced to pove that they didn't collaborate on the Soptic hit.  I mean, "word's out" that they did, right?  Finally, guess how Bill Burton spent his Wednesday evening, just after his jaw-dropping interview on CNN?  Partying it up with DC journalists and not tipping the waitstaff, of course:


BuzzFeed, the up-and-coming website that graduated from covering funny cat pictures to covering politics AND funny cat pictures, celebrated the launch of its D.C. bureau in a packed party at the Brixton Wednesday night. Reporters from nearly every outlet in town were joined by few political types -- Bill Burton of President Obama's SuperPAC, Priorities USA, and Michael Steel, press secretary for House Speaker John Boehner, who showed up in jeans -- for the free booze, fancy cheese, and proscuitto. Apparently, all that free stuff made the Washington press corps forget its manners, because almost everyone totally stiffed the Brixton's excellent waitstaff. One server looked sadly grateful for two dollars thrown her way after hustling to deliver drinks. A bartender showed similar gratitude for a measly three dollars, leading Yeas & Nays to inquire if she had been receiving many tips that night. "No," she said. "Not at all."

Very cozy.  And to think, people loathe the political media for some odd reason.

UPDATE - The Onion is now piling on.  This is laugh-out-loud hilarious:

“I think this is a fair ad, and I think Mitt Romney owes an explanation to the American people as to why he murdered JonBenét Ramsey,” said Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, who called the commercial’s black-and-white reenactment of Mitt Romney carrying a kicking and screaming child to her death “accurate.” “Ultimately, voters need to know who they’re getting with Mitt Romney: a job- and child-killing businessman who is so deceitful he won’t release his tax returns or admit to a senseless murder that shook the nation to its core.” Moreover, at the end of the spot a smiling Romney is seen at a campaign event saying, “I killed her, and I had a good time.” Sources from the Romney campaign were quick to announce that the audio and video had been cobbled together from different statements he made during that particular rally.

“Personally, if I killed JonBenét Ramsey, I would have come clean and told the American people that on day one,” Obama’s communication director David Axelrod said on Sunday’s installment of Meet The Press. “But I think that’s a key difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Barack Obama never murdered a child, and Mitt Romney did.” According to sources at Obama’s Chicago headquarters, the “He Did It” commercial is just the first in a new series of attack ads that accuses Romney of drowning actress Natalie Wood in 1981, convincing cult leader David Koresh to burn down the Branch Davidian ranch in Waco, TX, and causing the Challenger disaster.


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