Video: The Gold Standard in 'You Didn't Build That' Ads

Guy Benson
Posted: Jul 27, 2012 11:57 AM

Near perfection from the American Future Fund:

I only say near perfection because it's 90 seconds long, and therefore not television-friendly.  I suppose they could air the full thing, but it would be exceedingly -- if not prohibitively -- expensive.  Other than the length, it's virtuosic.  Using Obama's counter-ad at the outset (and again, devastatingly, at the end) is a stroke of genius because it allows viewers to hear the president's revisionist excuse, followed immediately by his full original remarks.  No editing required, aside from the impactful echo effect on "somebody else made that happen."  And, of course, the American workers shooting daggers at the camera as their president denigrates the role of talent and hard work in individual success.  For the umpeenth time, Obama made these remarks while pushing for higher taxes on successful people and businesses.  Fair shares, etc. -- his usual trope.  He was emphatically not sounding a national rallying cry to "stand behind" our business owners; he was sounding a rallying cry for the government to take more from them on behalf of "the rest of us."  This spot makes that very clear.  Any ideas on how to cut this puppy down to 60 seconds without losing any of the crucial pieces?  Undecided voters may find this presentation rather interesting, don't you think?