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Confirmed: Obama Mailed It In Yesterday

Yesterday, I observed that President Obama's "major" address to "reframe" the campaign was little more than a re-run of the speech he's been giving for months:


Astonishingly, the president didn't even follow through on the former pledge -- which was ostensibly the entire purpose of the speech.  Obama essentially repackaged the exact same speech he delivered in April, but inserted the names "Romney" and "Bush" a few more times.  Same tendentious arguments, same disingenuous analogies, same examples, same strawmen.

On Twitter, I mused that the RNC was licking its chops to assemble a video demonstrating just how lazy and non-groundbreaking The Great Reframing really was.  They didn't disappoint.  Devastating:

Candidates often repeat themselves on the stump, but again, this speech was billed as a major shift in rhetoric and tactics.  Nope.  This president and his team are out of ideas, yet they're blaming Bush (campaign slogan: "Forward!") and demanding four more years.  No thanks.

UPDATE - American Crossroads piles on:


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