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And it wasn't even close:

For the first time this year, Mitt Romney’s campaign has bested President Obama’s re-election effort in a one-month fundraising period, outraising the Democrats by more than $16 million in May. The Romney campaign, along with the Republican National Committee and a joint fundraising committee set up between the two entities called Romney Victory, raised $76.8 million last month, the campaign announced on Thursday. The campaign and the RNC also reported ending the month with $107 million cash on hand. That massive haul tops what the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised in May by more than $16 million, according to their figures announced Thursday morning.

“It is clear that people aren’t willing to buy into ‘hope & change’ again,” Romney’s national finance chairman, Spencer Zwick,  said in a statement. “Voters are making an investment because they believe that it will benefit the country.” Romney and the RNC formed a joint fundraising committee in early April, but May was the first full month that the Republicans and Democrats went head-to-head on fundraising with Romney as the presumptive Republican nominee. GOP officials said last month’s totals offer an “apples to apples” comparison — which they won.


This impressive haul eclipsed Obama's cash influx, despite the president's unprecedented fundraising efforts.  A major tip of the cap to Team Romney and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' team for making this happen.  Cue liberals hand-wringing about "money in politics" in 3, 2, 1... And remember, they weren't too worried about the influence of political cash in 2008 or 2010, when their side out-spent Republicans by tens of millions.  I'll leave you with Rachel Maddow fulminating against conservatives and fretting that with out the Democrat-government union racket, the Left cannot compete:


"So if [public sector unions] go away — in terms of whether or not that corporate money that’s disproportionately supporting Republicans can be answered — at least on the Democratic side, before there is some kind of reform, Democrats do not have a way to compete in terms of big outside money in elections. And that is the reality now in Wisconsin. It is the reality in states where they have essentially eliminated unions rights. I think,” Maddow added, “structurally, that’s a pretty dire electoral situation for Democrats.”

From her lips to God's ears.  But I must ask: Do government sector unions exist to represent the interests of their members (nearly 4 in 10 Wisconsin union households supported Scott Walker on Tuesday), or are they just enormous, budget-busting, taxpayer-fleecing Democrat cash machines?  Maddow's worried analysis implies the latter. 



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