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A follow-up on Katie's post from this morning, which covered all the buzz words -- new tone, war on women, etc -- but who are we kidding?  We all know that those rules only apply to Republicans.  In case you missed it below, here's South Carolina's outgoing AFL-CIO president, Donna Dewitt, repeatedly taking a metal bat to a pinata adorned with an image of Republican Gov. Nikki Haley's face.  Especially classy are the shouts from lookers-on, encouraging Dewitt "hit her again!"  I eagerly await an explanation of how this was somehow inspired by the Tea Party's "climate of hate," or whatever:


Any regrets over this lovely display, Donna?  Nah.  As Dennis Prager has said for years, being a liberal means never having to say you're sorry:

Dewitt told ABC News she has no regrets about incident and said there was "no ill intent" in what she was doing.  Dewitt said her colleagues brought the pinata and were using it as a "memoir" of Haley's words and actions towards unions in her time as governor..."We've been the brunt of her comments now for two years and that's what the whole thing was.  She's been whacking at us over the last two years," Dewitt, who has been president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO for the past 16 years and will retire at the end of June, continued.

An email from the national AFL-CIO expressed some concern over the video -- not because sends the wrong message, but because it could do political damage:

“Do you think we can get this video pulled,” asked a national AFL-CIO official in an email to Palmetto State union sources. The author of the email also worried the video might get “picked up by tea partiers, maybe even Haley herself, to attack labor again.”

I wonder how many broadcast hours MSNBC would devote to this "deeply troubling" manifestation of "right-wing violence" if it were a conservative activist teeing off on a photo of, say, Kathleen Sebelius.  Maybe they'd even edit out the fact that Dewitt is a female, allowing them to hype their chosen "war on women" narrative.  In fact, I'd bet Mitt Romney would be asked to denounce it, probably within an hour of the clip going viral.  I'll leave you with the third ranking House Democrat blathering about Mitt Romney's "raping" of companies during his time at bain.  I skimmed past the quote in a post yesterday but figured it was worth including video of this productive contribution to the Party of Ideas' precious "civility:"



Note well Clyburn's self-congratulatory remark that he doesn't take contributions from "payday lenders."  Oops.

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