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Video: MSNBC Host Kicks Conservative Off the Air

The topic?  Romney's decades-old alleged bullying, natch.  And without a shred of irony, host Tamron Hall bullies conservative guest Tim Carney right off the air:


Hall was peeved that Carney had the audacity to call the media out on its "meta" narrative-building BS, so she got all huffy and cut his mic.  For the record, Carney says he actually was addressing the issue he was booked to discuss:

@TPCarney: The question I was sent for the Romney bullying segment was "Does the story matter?" So I was answering it, not dodging.

I hope you stuck with the clip above to the bitter end, when Hall pulls up the shot of Carney to scold him again -- but with his microphone muted so he literally cannot respond.  Yet he's the ingracious one, in her book.  Bizarre.  Meanwhile, I was over on Fox News discussing the Democrats' pickle in North Carolina.  They've planned their convention in a state that they'll probably now lose in the fall; NC's gay marriage amendment just passed by an overwhelming margin, and now some liberals are calling for a boycott or relocation of the confab.  I broke these issues down with Lefty Fox News contributor Sally Kohn and host Megyn Kelly.  Our bit was much more jovial than the MSNBC showdown, but I'd still encourage you to watch to the very end for an enjoyable one-liner about the president's self regard:

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