And Now For Something Completely Different...

Posted: Mar 30, 2012 5:37 PM entirely apolitical, absolutely amazing story about lions, not tigers, and bears:

A northern California man who says he was attacked by a mountain lion while out on a hike has a helpful hand – or claw – to thank for his life.  Robert Biggs, 69, of Paradise, Calif., says he was saved by a helpful bear. Biggs set out Monday morning for one of his usual hiking and gold-panning trips near Whiskey Flats when he came across a mother bear, yearling, and cub sitting on a stream bank. Biggs said he stopped to watch the bears for a few moments, but, as he turned to leave, something jumped on his back and knocked him to his knees.

“My backpack raises up over my head and a mountain lion latched on to it,” Biggs said. Biggs hit the lion on the head with a rock pick he was carrying when he saw the bear grab the lion by the neck, Biggs said. The two animals struggled on the ground for a few seconds before the lion got free and ran away, he added.

Here's an unnecessary animated depiction of the incident -- just because such a thing exists:

UPDATE - Oh, boo.  California officials say they can't corroborate the alleged attack, and are casting doubt on the whole story:

"We did interview Mr. Biggs and we are unable to substantiate a lion attack." Harry Morse, another department spokesman, said they had no plans to pursue the alleged mountain lion and that a warden determined Biggs’ injury was not consistent with such an attack, the Paradise Post reported. But officials will test DNA from blood found on a backpack to see if it did belong to a mountain lion, Foy said.