DWS to Reporter: How Dare You Attribute My Own Verbatim Quotes To Me?

Posted: Mar 22, 2012 10:12 AM

A must-see trailer for the new blockbuster flick, I Know What You Said Last Summer, starring DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

It requires an uncommon personality quirk to be able to effortlessly lie through your teeth about something that is easily verifiable.  Debbie's got that gift, which is helpful, given her job description.  In this case, the quote she casually claimed she never uttered a comment that was (a) made on television, and (b) was so memorable that we wrote not one, but two full posts about it in June -- one of which was a pretty thorough attempt to seriously address the underlying point of her venomous accusation.  Not only did she clearly say something that she now denies, she even specified at the time that Republicans "literally" (she used the word twice, in case viewers missed it) want to drag the country back to the Jim Crow era.  She was emphasizing now passionately she believed this message.  Today?  Nah, never said it.  That level of cognitive dissonance, while deeply unhealthy, must be fairly liberating -- especially since she knows she can wave away the truth with relative impunity because she has the right letter (D) after her name.

UPDATE - As several of you have pointed out, this exchange should disgust, but not surprise.  We've been documenting instances of DWS' unapologetic prevarication ever since she assumed her current position.