Bill Ayers: That Breitbart Fellow Sure Was a "Bomb-thrower," Wasn't He?

Posted: Mar 12, 2012 3:02 PM

In which unrepentant domestic terrorist and long-time Barack Obama associate Bill Ayers exhibits his trademark generosity of spirit and self-awareness by smearing recently deceased conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart as -- of all things -- a "bomb-thrower of the radical Right:"

This video, apparently taken within days of Breitbart's passing, is too rich to simply let pass without comment.  Ayers -- a man who is wont to approvingly quote the top lieutenant of genocidal maniac Mao Zedong -- accuses Breitbart of having "several screws loose or missing."  He laments Breitbart's role in the overdue demise of ACORN and repeats the Left's go-to distortions on the Shirley Sherrod affair.  Most impressively, he labels Breitbart a "radical," and a "bomb-thrower," who represented a "menace" to society.  Let's see.  Andrew Breitbart was a husband and father of four who used new media to relentlessly expose and taunt his political adversaries.  His casualties included federal funding for a irredeemably corrupt agitation outfit, and the career of a philandering Congressman.  Bill Ayers was a terrorist who to this day doesn't regret setting bombs that damaged major federal and law enforcement targets in the 1960s and 70s.  He says he "didn't do enough" to overthrow the US government, which he still views as an "empire" replete with a nasty "white supremacist" strain.  His casualties include the lives of three of his associates who died building a bomb intended to wreak carnage at an Army dance at Fort Dix, as well as explosions at the Pentagon and US Capitol.  Cruelly, the latter cretin has outlived the former patriot, and is defiling his memory using terms that strain the boundaries of Freudian projection.

Since the subject of Obama's radical associates and allies is again making headlines, I suppose that now is as good a time as any to review the Obama-Ayers nexus.  The two friends served on several influential boards together, and Ayers and his his wife -- fellow aging terrorist Bernadine Dohrn -- launched Obama's political career with a fundraiser at their Chicago home (a fact about which the Obama campaign flagrantly lied).  As my parenthetical comment suggests, Team Obama has been exceedingly disingenuous about this association, the extent of which was chronicled in a remarkable CNN report from 2008:


"The relationship between Obama and Ayers went much deeper, ran much longer, and was much more political than Obama says."

Parting quotation: "Guilty as sin, free as a bird."