Video: GOP Hits Obama Over "Interesting" Response to Wife of Jobless Engineer

Posted: Jan 31, 2012 3:11 PM

An impressive turnaround by the RNC rapid response team to the awkward exchange Katie highlighted this morning.  Aside from giving this story more oxygen, Republican researchers also dug up a relevant statistic, which is showcased just after the one minute mark:

One of the few redeeming elements of Obama's original answer was his apparent pledge to take Jennifer's husband's resume and circulate to key people.  According to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked today about the progress of that process, and came up empty.  Status: Unknown.  Nice work, guys.  Especially in light of today's abysmal economic projections, Obama is going to have to substantially upgrade his public relations vis-a-vis unemployed voters if he wants to secure a second term -- which he "badly" does. 

And before it slips down the memory hole, I wanted to tackle another recent piece of galactically hypocritical Obama spin.  In his weekly address over the weekend, Obama decried "perpetual political campaigns," which is laugh-out-loud funny.  Allahpundit chuckles that Obama's been running for president every single day since 2005, and how virtually all of his decisions as president have been made through the lense of re-election.  AP's right, of course, but The One's election itch pre-dates his presidential run by more than a decade.  The fact is that Barack Obama has been engaged in a non-stop political campaign since at least 1995,when he first geared up for an Illinois State Senate run.  After Obama was elected in 1996 and re-elected two years later, he began the process of challenging Bobby Rush for a US House seat -- which would be the first and only loss of his career thus far.  After failing in his primary challenge to Rush in 2000, Obama set his sights on the United States Senate.  After more than a year of campaigning, Obama secured the Democratic nomination in 2004, then easily won the general election against hapless Alan Keyes.  (For the full tale of Obama's unbridled opportunism and ruthlessness, read this).  Upon his arrival in Washington -- despite his assurances to the contrary -- Obama instantly began positioning himself to run for the Oval Office.  And here we are today, with our campaigner-in-chief imperiously giving the 'thumbs-down' to "perpetual campaigning" from the perch he's worked relentlessly to attain for 16 years

UPDATE - Here's video of Carney floundering on the question of where this guy's resume actually ended up, and what the White House intends to do with it: