Video: Sununu Schools MSNBC Panel Again

Posted: Jan 11, 2012 11:34 AM

Remember former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu's combative exchange with Chris Matthews on Sunday?  Well, he did it again, this time taking on the entire MSNBC election night panel:

Mediaite flags some highlights:

Is former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu this election’s Zell Miller? Challenging Chris Matthews to a duel was just about the only thing he didn’t shout at the MSNBC team today, as he told Ed Schultz the statistics he cited were “a crock of crap,” told Lawrence O’Donnell he didn’t “know what you’re talking about,” and challenged one of Matthews’ comments as “anti-American.”

By the way, what a joke MSNBC's election night coverage must have been (I didn't watch).  It was a Republican primary, yet their programming was anchored by Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Ed Schultz.  Come on.  How about showing an, um, "emoitcon" of balance, guys?  By contrast, the notoriously biased right-wingers over at Fox News had Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum, and Chris Wallace holding down the fort.  When it comes to partisanship, there simply isn't any comparison between the two cable networks -- although even MSNBC doesn't hold a candle to the journalistic malpractice Univision's been pulling on Marco Rubio.