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LIVE OPEN THREAD: The Iowa Caucuses

You know how it works, you know what's at stake, and you're aware of the uptick in eleventh hour intensity.  Now, at last, the voting begins.  Katie will be tracking all the results from the Polk County Convention Complex in downtown Des Moines, and I'll be watching the process unfold at a caucus location in an area high school auditorium.  Voting begins at 8pm ET and is slated to last roughly one hour.  Unless it's a photo finish, we should have a winner by the end of the night.  Until then, sit back, consult this useful roadmap to following tonight's returns as they roll in, and monitor the Townhall / Hot Air editorial team's live Twitter coverage below.  Follow up-to-the-minute results HERE.  As always, you're invited to add your own contributions and reactions in the comments section.


If you'll be in the car or near a radio as the night proceeds, I'll be filing regular reports with Salem Radio Network's special Iowa election coverage.  The program airs on stations across the country from 6pm to midnight ET, and will be anchored by Hugh Hewitt.

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