Bret Baier: Romney Complained That My Questions Were "Uncalled For"

Posted: Dec 01, 2011 9:00 AM

Really, Mitt?

Polite but persistent questions about Romneycare and flip flops were deemed "overly aggressive" by our victimized (former?) front-runner?  As Allahpundit asks, what on earth was Romney expecting to be asked?  Vicious haymakers about his immaculate grooming and distinguished good looks?  Come on.  You're running for President of the United States, sir.  Tough questions --- yes, even some that aren't fun to answer, or may even be repeats -- come with the territory.  Re-watch the exchange and see if you can identify a single query that seems legitimately "uncalled for:"

I still can't quite fathom what Romney had in mind going into this thing.  Serious news anchors aren't going to pose fawning questions or play patty-cake with a preferred campaign narrative (unless, of course, we're talking about most MSM newsmen and Barack Obama).  Bret Baier is a fair guy and a straight shooter -- the sort of host Republicans and Democrats should respect.  Substantively, Romney's answers were fine, mind you.  It was his irritated and aggrieved attitude that paved the way for 24 hours of unfriendly headlines and uncharitable analysis.  The revelation that he whined about the questions to Baier during their "walk and talk" session fuels the fire.  That he came back out later to reiterate his displeasure is just astonishing.  Congratulations, Governor -- you've just earned yourself at least another news cycle of bad press.  And at just the wrong time, too.

For a guy who is almost preternaturally self-possessed and unflappable, when Romney snaps, it's really noticeable.  If Romney ends up as the nominee, don't think Team Obama isn't already dreaming up ways to needle him to provoke repressed anger flare-ups.  Parting thought: For those who are all over Romney's case for antagonizing a media questioner, is it totally cool when Newt does it, as he has repeatedly?  Why?