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Townhall: Your 2012 Headquarters

These are exciting times for, as we've just added several new features to help augment our comprehensive 2012 election coverage.  This week, we're unveiling three major features that we hope will help inform and engage our loyal readers:


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(1) Poll Tracker - We're keeping an eye on all of the polls -- both nationally and in key swing states -- and compiling them on a single user-friendly page.  Who's leading the GOP field in Iowa?   Has President Obama's job approval slipped again?  Are the right track/wrong track numbers improving at all?  Our poll tracker's distinct formula keep tabs on the most important state and national survey numbers that move American politics.  It's your one-stop shop for the latest data, and it's updated constantly.  Individual polls offer a quick snap shot in time.  The Townhall Poll Tracker registers and incorporates many snapshots to help identify more meaningful long-term trends.  Explore and enjoy.

(2) Election Center 2012 - Much like its midterm election predecessor, our 2012 Election Center aggregates original Townhall content and outside news accounts pertaining to the big day, which is coming up on the first Tuesday in November of next year.  In other words, it's all culminating one year from today.  Here you'll find easy access to archived content about the major candidates, election news from across the country, and lots of clickable goodies -- including a Townhall Poll Tracker widget.  Also be sure to stop by this micro-site on primary election nights throughout the GOP race.  We'll post real-time results and instant analysis from Townhall's editorial squad.


At -

(3) We're proud to introduce the first-ever Townhall/HotAir national online Republican Primary.  This feature promises to be the largest "primary" of its kind, and will give conservative voters from across the country an equal opportunity to voice their opiion on the GOP nomination for president.  Voting begins December 13th at 7:00am ET and will close at 4:30pm ET on December 15th, just days ahead of the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucuses.  Your opinion counts, so if you're not already registered with Townhall, sign up, bring your friends and family along, too.  Voting begins in just over 41 days.  Get on it!

A tip of the cap is due to our web design team for doing the technical heavy-lifting on these projects, to the members of our hard-working editorial team for their role in content creation and management, and to our fearless leader -- Jonathan Garthwaite -- who's overseen Townhall's dramatic and successful expansion over the last few years.  Above all, though, the biggest thanks goes to you, our readers, whose loyalty and contributions to our online community have helped make it possible for Townhall to flourish in these consequential times for our country.  Thank you for reading, clicking, commenting, and emailing.  We deeply appreciate it.


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